Spotify Dynamic Theme

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Spotify Dynamic Theme can be your one-stop destination

If you are fond of colorful backgrounds filled with transparency and animations? Then, you must install the Spotify Dynamic Theme extension on your device.
Moreover, if you are new, then you must know that the Spotify Dynamic Theme is a skin or theme. And using this theme after installing this extension lets you change the background of the song or album cover which you are playing. Apart from this, it also lets its users add many transitions and effects.

When it comes to its working ability, the Spotify Dynamic Theme can smoothly work on Spotify Dynamic Theme only, i.e.,

Now, are you getting excited about installing this extension on your device? Then, nothing but jumping onto the below installation instructions can help you the best. Thus, stay tuned to gather more prescribed information about the Spotify Dynamic Theme extension features and installation process.

Spotify Dynamic Theme: Features
Change the Background
Add Transitions and Effects
Work Ability
Repeat and Shuffle Songs

Frequently Asked Questions

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